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Used Vehicle Limited Warranty

Used vehicles at Spruce Pine Chevrolet GMC come with an Ally Used Vehicle Limited Warranty.

  • Term: 3 months or 3,000 miles
  • Deductible: $50.00
  • Includes 1-year of free oil change
  • Includes a multi-point certified inspection

Drive with Confidence

An Ally Used Vehicle Limited Warranty is included with all eligible purchases, offering coverage on the following:

  • Engine Cylinder block, heads and all internal engine parts; crankshaft bearings, camshaft bearings, connecting rods and bearings, pistons, valve train, timing gears, timing gear chain belt and cover, oil pump/oil pump housing, manifolds, flywheel, water pump, harmonic balancer, valve covers, oil pan and engine mounts; also covered are turbocharger/supercharger housings, internal parts and valves
  • Fuel Delivery Components Fuel pump, EFI sensors/ control units, fuel pressure regulators, fuel sending unit and diesel fuel injection pump
  • Transmission/Transaxle/Transfer Case – Case and all internal parts, input/output shafts, automatic transmission clutches, bands, governor, thrust bearings, washers, torque converter, vacuum modulator, transmission mounts, transmission-mounted solenoid pack, electronic control unit and oil pan
  • Front-Wheel Drive – Final drive housing, all internal parts, axle shafts, axle shaft bearings, constant velocity joints, axle housing, differential, bearings and case
  • Rear-Wheel Drive – Axle shafts, axle shaft bearings, axle housing, all internal parts, differential side and pinion gears, disc or cone-limited slip, propeller shafts, universal joints, center support bearings and yokes
  • Brakes – Master cylinder, power assist booster, wheel
    • Cylinders and disc calipers
  • Electrical – Starter motor and solenoid, alternator/
    • generator, voltage regulator, wiper motors, ignition switch, ignition lock cylinder, electronic ignition control module, distributor and emergency warning flasher switch
  • Vehicle Manufacturer-Installed Air Conditioner – Compressor, clutch and clutch bearing, condenser, evaporator, accumulator, high/low pressure compressor cut-off switch, pressure cycling switch, receiver dryer and temperature control programmer
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